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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. extreme weather and a flash flood emergency from texas to north carolina, this morning. two dozen high-water rescues in the raging waters of san antonio. this woman jumped from her car into the deep water on the interstate. and much more rain on the way. also breaking overnight, 28 climbers caught in the path of a deadly avalanche in the alps. at least nine injured, five dead, and the rest missing. a frantic search and rescue right now on the growing disaster in the mountains. wicked knockout. kristin chenoweth, knocked out by scaffolding and suffering a seizure on the set of her show. she was rushed to the hospital. we'll have the latest on her condition. and watch out. >> it's a shark. >> it's a shark! >> a family vacation turns wild when a little fishing off the deck reels in the shock of a lifetime. yep. that's a big, old shark.
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in the most unexpected place. we'll talk live to all about their jaw-dropping tale. >> my favorite shot. >> that is so great. everyone here today. i'm sorry, i didn't get the wardrobe memo. you're all bright. and gray suits over there. >> you look great, george. >> let's keep it. >> fishing for a compliment. >> we think it's great. a lot of news to get to. right now, details of a special investigation into the penn state scandal. the report from former fbi director louis freeh looks to be critical of coach joe paterno. we'll have all of the details on that in a minute. >> we will, and also a startling story about how this pastor's life was saved by going on the
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hit show "wipeout." you remember, josh, you were on that program. >> i try to forget, but, yes, i do remember. >> you took some tough hits. he took some tough hits. and it turned out running that obstacle course saved his life. >> incredible story. that is coming up. also, we have brand-new pictures of katie and suri. look at them there. a day at the zoo. mommy carrying daughter. life is going on for the two of them, after the parents split. lara's going to bring us that. >> that's ahead. we begin with record rainfall and flash flooding that has so much of the country drenched this morning. thousands left without power and triggering dozens of high-water rescues. sam, of course, has been tracking it all for us this morning. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. here we are, talking about our extreme summer again. we just finished talking about all-time record high temperatures for weeks in a row, now we're talking about daily record high rainfalls. this has been a four-day event in the southeast. take a look at the last 48 hours. the heaviest rain has been in houston to corpus christi area. right around in here. and in the 4 days, 14 inches of rain. it's unbelievable in that zone. but the worst pictures of the
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last 24 hours came out of san antonio, texas, where the roads actually look like muddy rivers. take a look at the story. the fourth day of record rains brought severe floods from the southeast into the deep south and all the way to central texas. in port lavaca, texas, 8 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. flash floods trapping drivers in cars. the water rising in minutes. this san antonio woman, forced to abandon her car. take a look at this dramatic high-water rescue. just one of more than 20 in san antonio alone. rescuers plugged this man from the raging waters before it was too late. torrential rains in asheville, north carolina, also brought destructive floodwaters. knocking out power to 15,000. >> a lightning bolt hit behind the inn. a tree fell down. we had a power surge. >> reporter: closing roads, water rushing into homes. >> it's crazy what water can do and the power that it has, and
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that you can go from doing your laundry one day down stairs in the basement to having no home anymore. it's just insane. >> we're not done with that pattern yet. it's another day of very heavy rainfall. if i had to pick the places that will see the big totals, it's from shreveport into tupelo. i think a little further north, nashville will still get some heaviest rain but not exactly the heaviest rain on the board. still more flooding working today, robin. >> thank you, sam. we're going to turn to josh elliott for top stories developing. >> we're going to start with the breaking news, right now, the disaster we saw at the top of the show in the french alps this morning. massive avalanche. several people interest are dead. others remain missing. we're going to get to jeffrey kofman with the latest. jeffery. >> reporter: and good morning to you, josh. at this hour, several dozen rescuers including police, mountain guides and sniffer doings searching the mountain for survivors. we're told the initial death toll, at least six. at least nine now, eight others reported injured and air lifted
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to local hospitals. and more than a dozen still missing. it happened just before sunrise at chamonix. it was on mont mauldit, which translates as cursed mountain. an expedition of european climbers were roped together, as they attempted one of the most dangerous ascents in europe. the avalanche is believed to have been caused by snow collapsing in the summer heat. the area, a hugely popular destination for tourists and climbers. but it's also the most lethal mountain range in the world. the death toll in the alps this year, now more than 100. >> thanks, jeffrey kofman. now, to a mystery in washington, about illinois congressman, jesse jackson jr., who has not been seen or heard from in more than a month. pressure from fellow democrats has prompted a statement from his office saying he is being treated for a mood disorder. but his office is not elaborating and won't say where he's being treated. his wife denies that he's being treated for substance abuse.
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and the president of florida a&m university has resigned amid a widening hazing scandal at the school. his decision came on the same day the parents of hazing victim robert champion sued the university. champion died after being beaten by fellow band members. his parents say the school failed to stop the hazing. despite repeated warnings. new images this morning showing growing capability of rebel fighters in syria. take a look as they score a direct hit on two government tanks. but the biggest victory may now be the defection of a high-ranking ambassador, this man. a major blow to the syrian regime. 17,000 people have died in the syrian uprising. and mechanical malfunctions, as a possible cause of that. that fiery train derailment in columbus, ohio, we first told you about yesterday. the freight cars were carrying ethanol, forcing the evacuation of about 100 homes in the area. but no one was seriously hurt in the blast.
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and kristin chenoweth was rushed to a new york city hospital after she was struck in the head by lighting equipment on the set of the tv drama "the good wife." the pictures show her being carried on a stretcher. "the new york post" reported this morning she suffered a seizure. but she's in stable condition this morning. and we do hope she is well. a truly frightening scene 42 stories above the streets of manhattan. take a look. two window washers dangling from that high-rise, for nearly an hour after their motorized rig broke down. you see them hanging on for their lives. firefighters eventually used special diamond grinders to cut through the window and pull the men inside, as you see there. one, by one. the men clearly shaken up. they say they're okay. also, very happy to take the rest of the day off. boy, did they earn it. one of the workers actually says this is the third time this has
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happened to him. maybe somebody's trying to tell him something. >> wow. >> take the week off. >> yeah. treat yourself. a long weekend. now, to the penn state report on the scandal that's rocked one of the most powerful institutions in the country. former football coach, jerry sandusky, is awaiting his sentencing on 45 counts of abuse. and today, an internal investigation is revealing explosive details about legendary coach joe paterno's role in the scandal. jim avila is in philadelphia with the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: george, the long-anticipated louis freeh report paid for by penn state university is extremely critical of the university, its leaders and legendary coach joe paterno. all accused of ignoring what they saw. jerry sandusky was found guilty of child molestation last month. today, we hear the report for legendary coach joe paterno and his beloved penn state university. >> there is a great deal at stake. the paterno legacy, symbolized by the bronze statue outside of the football stadium that dominates happy valley, pennsylvania, is already tarnished.
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and today, the former fbi director louis freeh said the college football icon failed to protect the children. and never demonstrated through actions or words any concern for the safety and well-being of sandusky's victims until after his arrest. >> mr. paterno was right in the middle of the crucial decision, which could have and should have stopped mr. sandusky dead in his tracks. >> reporter: the report says they discovered evidence that when the university decided to report the infamous shower incident of 2001, coach paterno urged them not to report to the authorities, instead urged a private pact with sandusky, an action the report said endangered the boy in the shower and others. >> it directly led to my client being assaulted. >> reporter: coach paterno is not around to defend himself. he died in december. but in anticipation of the damaging report, his family released a death bed statement,
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in which joe pa, as he was known at penn state, says no matter what happened in the sandusky scandal, it was not a football problem, and the team should not be punished. quote, this is not a football scandal and should not be treated as one. perhaps the most troubling finding of this report is if the university officials would have stood up and said something, many of the boys would never have been assaulted. robin. >> all right, jim, thank you. now, to a shocking discovery 50 feet underground. a tunnel, uncovered by the dea, used by a mexican cartel used to smuggle drugs into the u.s. pierre thomas is in washington with all the details for us. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you're just about to see how creative and committed mexican cartels are to sneaking drugs into the u.s. this tunnel discovered by the dea, is capable of smuggling drugs on a massive scale. the view you see is from a camera mounted on a robot. the tunnel, which is 50 feet below ground, is 6 feet high and
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4 feet wide. it has electricity for lighting and a sophisticated ventilation system to keep smugglers cool. it stretches more than two football fields long. from an ice plant in sonora, mexico, to a nondescript building near yuma. in st. luis, arizona. it allowed the cartel to smuggle drugs into the u.s. every day. and to drive contraband across the country. cash and firearms easily throw south back to mexico. the cartel completely circumvented checkpoints like this at the southern border. one such checkpoint is only a block away. robin, we're talking about drugs worth billions of dollars. u.s. authorities and the dea are planning to announce the rest of this case later today. >> all right, pierre. thanks very much. george? >> good thing they got to that. the race for the white house now. "your voice, your vote." and mitt romney's voice was met by boos on wednesday, when he made his case against president
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obama before a crowd of obama's strongest supporters at the naacp convention. you hear it there for the candidate. was it a price worth paying? jon karl looks at that from washington. romney heading into more friendly territory today. >> reporter: that's right. mitt romney heads to wyoming, where he will appear with former vice president dick cheney. getting a stamp of approval from one of the republican party's most prominent elder statesman and undoubtedly a warmer reception than the one he got at the naacp. it is the most hostile reception mitt romney received from any group during the campaign. >> i'm going to eliminate any every nonessential, expensive program i can find. that includes obama care. and i am going to work to reform and save -- [ booing ] >> reporter: the boos went on. more boos came when he slammed president obama's record. and when he told the nation's most prominent african-american organization
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that they should vote against the first african-american president. >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. you take a look. >> reporter: later, romney said his chilly reception was no surprise. >> we expected that, of course. but, you know, i'm going to give the same message to the naacp that i give across the country. >> reporter: rush limbaugh went after president obama for not even showing up to speak. >> they send biden to the naacp. the first black president. an election year. can't show up to your convention? he's confident they'll boo romney because romney's white. >> reporter: four years ago, then-candidate john mccain took a different approach and praised his opponent. >> senator obama talks about making history, and he's made quite a bit of it already. the way he was prepared by this venerable organization and others like it. >> reporter: and he received a standing ovation. >> thank you. >> reporter: the white house cites scheduling conflicts for the reason president obama didn't appear before the naacp this year.
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he did speak there last year. and vice president biden's going to be there today. george? >> okay. and romney, credit just for showing up. thanks, jon. we're going to turn, now, to new details on the florida teen that took on a ten-foot alligator. police have released the 911 calls from the run-in that almost cost the 17-year-old his life. and abc's matt gutman has his story. >> a gator just got my friend in the water. >> reporter: it's the chilling 911 call made just seconds after a ten-foot alligator attacked teenager, kaleb langdale. >> he's on the other side of the river. >> reporter: kaleb goes by the name fred. three of his friends were cooling off in the caloosahatchee river in florida. when this ferocious attack happened. you can hear one friend calling out for help. >> fred? are you all right, fred? i'm calling. >> from what i saw, he was bit on the arm. >> how bad is it?
7:15 am
>> i honestly don't know. >> reporter: as the gator's iron jaw clamped down, it was fred's quick thinking that saved his life. >> he started pulling me down. and i knew it was either i'm going to lose this arm or i'm going to die. >> reporter: fred was fitted for a prosthetic arm on wednesday. and this morning, his family's raising money for his medical expenses, launching this fund-raising website. and fred isn't the only florida teen who recently had a close encounter with a gigantic gator. last thursday, another kaleb, 15-year-old kaleb towles, was spearfishing with his grandfather, when another ten-foot gator came out of nowhere. >> alligator came from my left and bit me across my chest. >> reporter: luckily, for the teenager, this one released his grip. towles has recovered. as for langdale, he lost his arm. but certainly hasn't lost his spirit. >> i'm just happy i'm still alive. my buddies are still alive. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> boy, that was something. another life-saving story now. now, a pastor's appearance on "wipeout" may have saved his life.
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he took some hits on the obstacle course. >> most people who compete on this show, they end up bruised and battered after trying to make it through the obstacles. but for this contestant, running the course, turns out, maybe to have saved his life. abc's hit knockout show "wipeout" is not for the weak. which i unfortunately found out firsthand. >> get in there. >> reporter: but for 41-year-old youth pastor jason poznaks, it actually saved his life. >> i really do feel blessed. >> reporter: he was a contestant on the show in april. his antics instantly earned him the nickname, the pranking pastor. >> he got pranked. >> reporter: after being
7:17 am
punched, pummeled, tossed around the obstacle course, he went home sore and bruised. headaches he had been experiencing before the show actually became more intense. >> i was actually struggling to read. i went to my primary physician. and he said we need to get you an emergency mri. very clearly, there was a significant-sized brain tumor in there. >> reporter: a tumor that could have been fatal. >> it was definitely a shock. there was an element of me going, well, this is an interesting journey. >> reporter: after a six-hour surgery and three weeks of recovery, poznaks says he feels better than ever and doing it all with a smile. >> within a few days, i was feeling good. in fact, i haven't felt this good for many, many years. i feel like i've lived for such a long time, and i didn't realize how sick i was, until it's been removed, and i look back and go, wow. >> reporter: he says he owes his good fortune to a couple of hard hits to the head. >> after "wipeout," it's been a cool experience. i know that sounds a little odd,
7:18 am
but i just feel in a really good place. >> again, poznaks says if he has the opportunity, he'd do it all over again. which makes one of us. >> you wouldn't do it again? >> not a chance. >> of course he'd do it again. >> it hurts. it still hurts. >> after all this time. >> brutal. >> how about you, sam? are you in? >> it's the story that gives and gives. i do like to see that video, josh, of you playing the game. >> hey, by the way, take a look at these temperatures. the warmer temperatures in the country so far, from furnace creek, california, 125. okay. you expect in a place like furnace creek, it's going to be 125. just skip down here a little bit. beverly hills, california, 103 degrees. that's normally in the 80s. that's 20 degrees more than normal. if you want to know where the heat went, that's where it went. and now, forget the whole term, dry heat, because into the west, it is monsoon season. up comes the moisture. palm springs, 105. rain and humidity going on from the desert valleys in towards flagstaff and in the mountains there.
7:19 am
this is a really bad, uncomfortable day. where is it gorgeous today? look at the numbers. 86 in new york. 86 in boston. philly, 89 degrees. sure, it's a little warm, but it is absolutely beautiful. list o
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cities, brought to you by macy's. by the way, we told you at the top of the show about all of that rain in texas. early morning thunderstorms flooding in the houston area already. >> thank you, sam. coming up, why this daughter of a prominent doctor says she's living in fear now that he's out of jail. she tells her story just ahead. and brand-new pictures of katie and suri. there they are at the zoo. how life is for the 6-year-old after her parents' high-profile split. and watch out. a family vacation takes a wild turn. a little girl reels in a massive shark. we're going to talk to the family live on skype, just ahead. and our report on extreme tanning. the woman who never missed a day at the salon for seven years, until she banned the tan to save her career. salon for seven years,
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onlookers lined the shore hoping to catch a glimpse. experts say dolphins sometimes swim into shallow waters or on to beaches to catch fish. frances is following the commute. slow spot now southbound 680 through pleasanton, 580 castlewood still an accident, heavy traffic out of altamont pass. check out the foggy commute across the golden gate bridge, look out for thick fog in pacifica and daly city bay bridge toll just a little wait for the fastrak lanes san mateo bridge looking good. >> when we come back, metetetetetetetetetetetetetetete
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welcome back. partly sunny over san francisco. let's talk about temperatures going to be cooler everywhere today from one degree in san jose to six in hayward still going to be hot at least in the east bay valleys, mid 90s to around 100 for you, 80s outside of richmond, oakland and san mateo mid to upper 70s there 66 in san francisco. tonight cooler than this morning more clo
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oh, my. >> as we continue to watch this video. i mean, you think you have a fish. you do have a fish. and the shark says, no. that's my fish. >> it is the shark's fish. >> it is the shark's fish. the surprising family vacation. and we're going to talk to them live. they're good enough to join us via skype on vacation. can they hear the music? we're going to talk to them. >> don't go back in the water. also, ahead, katie and suri. see them on camera there. a little day at the zoo. there they are. went to the zoo. had a good day together. we're going to look at suri's life after her parents' split. and lara will have that in a couple minutes. also, our special report on extreme tanning continues. the self-described tanorexic.
7:31 am
never missed a day until her dream job gave her a wake-up call. after serving time for fraud charges, he is a suspect in the 2007 death of his wife. and one of his daughters is convinced he did it. cecilia vega has the story. mcneil's daughter fears for her own life. >> reporter: good morning. while she is in utah waiting for justice for her mother, she is terrified her father is capable of the worst. she calls him a monster. from the outside, they looked like a picture-perfect family. and martin mcneil seemed like the perfect father. a handsome doctor and mormon sunday schoolteacher. seemingly in love with his beauty queen wife. but that image was shattered when michelle mcneil was found in the bathroom of their family
7:32 am
home. >> is she conscious? >> she's not. >> reporter: martin macneil sounded upset. but was he really? >> i knew. i knew he killed her. >> reporter: alexis summer says her father has lived a life of lies. false documents, extramarital affairs and more. >> the father i knew never existed. >> reporter: on friday, macneil was released from prison after serving three years for fraud. he had never been charged in the death of his wife. his daughter says he is getting away with murder. >> it's horrifying knowing he's out. he's walking about free. >> reporter: in a search warrant found last year, utah county investigators layed out the seemingly perfect motive. macneil's alleged affair with this woman. it says that the doctor overdosed his wife after she had plastic surgery, not long after she confronted him about the alleged affair. michelle macneil's autopsy
7:33 am
initially concluded she tied of natural causes. later, investigators changed it to undetermined. saying it raised suspicion. a combination of drugs in her body killed her. >> a few days before her death, i was helping her wash her hair. and she turned to me and said, alexis, if anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your father. >> reporter: this weekend, macneill returned to the same home where his wife's body was found. prosecutors tell abc news the investigation into her death remains open. and as long as it does, alexis summer says she will live in fear. >> he's had some time to plan out his next move. i am very fearful of him. and my little sisters are very scared. >> reporter: macneill's daughter believes that investigators have all the evidence they need to charge her father. because this case remains open, authorities are not saying much. macneill attorney says his
7:34 am
client adamantly denies ever hurting his wife. >> cecilia, thanks. let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. you've been digging in this face, as well. there's a lot of evidence out there. >> i've almost never seen a case with this much evidence this old, where there's no charges involved in the case. you have before and after her death, yo uh have evidence. there's no question, the police didn't treat this as a crime scene the way they should have and that's going to present some challenges. but according to his daughter, ooh it's not that she had plastic surgery and she had too many drugs. he forced her to have plastic surgery. he gets her to have plastic surgery. and gives her drugs that she doesn't want to take. >> you talk about the challenges. initially, they didn't rule it homicide. they still haven't ruled it homicide. they say the cause of death is undetermined. >> that's going to make it a challenge. but that's something that's curable. you think of the scott peterson
7:35 am
case, sitting on death row, talking about his appeal. digging through the case file, there's more evidence against macneill than peterson. i think it's a matter of time before they charge him. they have him after the fact, too. they have his girlfriend, who moves in. tries to take the identity of one of his adopted daughters. takes that daughter and brings her back to the ukraine where she was adopted from and allegedly leaves her there. there's so many facts in this case, so many bizarre twists about his background. you even have the daughter saying, we can't believe we didn't know this guy who was our father. >> and is there anything now the police can do to protect her? she says she fears for her life. >> they're going to keep a close eye on him. they've got to be close to charges him. as a result, he's on probation. they have the ability to keep a close watch on him.
7:36 am
and i think they're going to do that. >> okay. dan abrams, thanks very much. let's go to sam for the weather. >> where were you for manhattan henge yesterday? this is a great thing. it happens two times a year. >> of course. it was yesterday. >> in new york. i should have told you yesterday. i'm sorry, george. may 28th, and right about now, is when it happens. you can live it through our twitter picture. it happens with other cities with grid patterns like baltimore and chicago. let me give you those dates so you know. in chicago, september 25th. in particular, march 12th and around september 2nd. the question i ask, was new york designed by space aliens? that has nothing to do with it. it has to do with the grid pattern and the sun sets right between there. here, the heat returns as we get back into the east coast. washington, d.c., new york city, all going back in the 90s.
7:37 am
the heat comes back on sunday. washington, d.c., about saturday into sunday. hasn't it been a nice break to get temperatures and lower humidities. the 80s and lower humidities. here's where thunderstorms could light up. bismarck, fargo, sioux falls. you'll see the strongest storms during the day today. >> all that weather was brought to you by florida's natural orange juice. you're right, george. yesterday would have been the day. >> i'll mark it on my calendar for next year. >> the incredible thing that happened yesterday. sorry you missed it. you all missed this.
7:38 am
brand-new pictures of katie and suri out at the zoo. how life is going on for the 6-year-old after her parents 6-year-old after her parents emale announcer ] what makes florida's natural orange juice taste so uniquely fresh and delicious? is it the rich florida soil? or the perfect blend of sunshine, rain, and temperature? maybe it's the fact that florida's natural oranges are never imported. they're raised right here in florida, and passed with care from our hands to yours. 100% pure. 100% florida. florida's natural.
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look at that! still in one piece. yeah, so's the towel. [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. now, to those brand-new pictures out of katie holmes, her daughter, suri. the 6-year-old out with her mom at the central park zoo on wednesday. we've seen a lot of the two of them, as katie starts her life as a single mom. lara's back with more on this. >> yes. and the question is, robin, is
7:42 am
katie just trying to have a normal life for her daughter? she's certainly been under a microscope since she filed for divorce. but it does appear she's trying to keep things normal for suri, even with so many people tracking every move. it seems everywhere katie and suri go -- the paparazzi follow. on wednesday, making their way to new york city's central park zoo, katie's mother, kathleen, in tow, a smiling suri, watching penguins splash in the water. and tuesday, it was on the way to 6-year-old suri's gymnastics lesson. and the day before that, touring a local children's museum. it seems since holmes made the bombshell announcement that she was ending her marriage to tom cruise, she's been out with suri more. from play dates to grocery store runs, katie's not in hiding. many wondering why the former
7:43 am
mrs. cruise is choosing to make such a public presence after asking for privacy. >> you get more privacy by going out in public. you stay home and your lock yourself in your apartment, every time you go out, there's a frenzy. and that frenzy really incites paparazzi to be incredibly aggressive. she's being a good mother. she's being a smart celebrity. and i think she's doing the right thing. >> reporter: and as for cruise, he seems to be moving on, too. earlier this week, spotted without his wedding ring, on the california set of his film, "oblivion." the smiling superstar, embraced by his cast and crew. maintaining a routine for suri remains paramount. >> when they give primary physical custody for one parent, it's usually an extension of what existed already. they look at trying to maintain the child's world. it's consistent with what she's
7:44 am
familiar with. >> and it continues. katie not shying away from starting her single life. we spotted her in these photos out last night, robin. sporting some leather pants, high heels, going to dinner with a friend, looking good. >> out and about. thank you, lara. coming up, josh's jaw-dropping "play of the day." that music again. the shark that took a bite out of one family fishing trip. we're going to talk to them live, when we come back. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st.
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7:48 am
here's "the play of the day." >> all right. it is time for "play of the day." literally, this isn't something you can see everywhere right now. but stick around right here. the surprise of a lifetime out fishing with her fiance and stepfather. sara brame, fishing.
7:49 am
here's the fish. it's going to be hers. oh. that's a shark. that is a shark. and you hear her fiance, william moore, saying, it's okay. keep reeling. keep reeling. to explain all of this, sara and william, both joining us now, at the spot where a little fish became a whole lot more. good morning to you both. sara, take us back to that moment. what was it like when -- well, first, the fish came out of the water. and then, your little friend there, breached. >> it was crazy. it honestly kind of scared me. >> did you have any idea that sharks were hanging around the dock of your vacation home? >> there was no evidence anywhere that he was lurking in the water. >> so, william, we can hear you say, it's okay.
7:50 am
it's okay. and you're telling her to keep on reeling. did you think you might get the shark, too? >> yeah. well, actually, it would be nice to get him on the first try. but we rigged up our boat shortly after that video was shot. we threw out some bait and hooked the shark and tried to catch him. >> wait. you hooked the shark? >> tried. >> yep. my father-in-law, her stepfather, we got out there. and the shark wasn't even in the water ten minutes. and he took the bait. and he drug us around for about 45 minutes. we fought him for 45 minutes. eventually, he broke our lines. we're not trying, either. >> you're going to get after him today? >> sam, do you want to weigh in? "sea rescue"? >> i'll tell you what. william, we're going to book you
7:51 am
right now. you're coming back on the show, when you hook that shark? >> awesome. if we hook the shark, i'd love to come back and take pictures and show you all. >> great. we have ten seconds. we have to know. before this, had either of you been swimming in that water? >> no. i don't need to get in there. >> last year. the year before last. >> william, go hook us a shark. we want to thank you and sara. we'll see you soon. ladies first. mmm. you know, pool's like mcdonald's spicy chicken mcbites. how so? first you gotta start off right. ♪ you gotta have some flavor... ♪ ...then you add a little something special. ♪ finally, you gotta bring the heat... ♪ ...but not too much... it has to be juuussst right. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new spicy chicken mcbites, rack 'em up while they're hot. the simple joy of changing the game.
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. oakland police are investigating the city's 7th homicide in the past week. officers were called to the starlight motel this morning they found a female victim inside a corner unit. investigators say she was an oakland resident around 20-years-old and had been shot. mike has the forecast. poor air quality, good morning. that will be mainly east bay valleys spare the air for all of us east bay valleys warmest mid 90s to 100, 70s 80s around the bay, 60s at the coast. cooler this weekend.
7:57 am
>> two new accidents in san jose one northbound 87 with injuries traffic heavy northbound 280 at 87 slowing on north 280. bay bridge toll pretty light right now. the news continues now
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] oh, oh, my. look at the people outside, shall we? they're lovely. we love having them here. it makes us feel so great. and the reason we're hesitating is because, move over snuggie. it's a crazy, new trend that lara's going to bring us in "pop news." what in the world is that? >> it's a hoodie pillow. sam's demonstrating. it's a hoodie. it's a pillow. oh, sam's going to sleep like a little baby. we'll explain why you need to hoodify your life. yeah. it's got a lot going on. >> a lot going on. >> what could go wrong?
8:01 am
>> thank you, lara. >> going for a nap. >> nighty-night. also, we have a special report coming up on extreme tanning. she called herself a tanorexic. didn't miss a day at the tanning salon for seven years, until she stopped tanning to save her career, maybe even her life. and baby's first pictures used to be at home with the proud parents. not so much anymore. we're going inside the delivery room to meet the babyrazzi. right there at the birth. and the mom is calling for -- sorry. babyrazzi. >> lara has it all together now. >> sorry. that pillow. very cozy. not so good on the hair. hello. also coming up, weekend freebies. summer goodies for the entire family.
8:02 am
from free meals to sports memberships. why wouldn't we have a man in a cow suit? all that coming up. josh, bring us some news. i think we need some news. >> can i just say something first? last night -- i want to mention something. monica pearson has been on the air at wsb in atlanta, for 37 years. and i had a chance to surprise her last night. it was a wonderful party they had for her at the fox theater in downtown atlanta. it was -- >> old home for you. >> it is. an old home for me. she is a goddess. she is an icon. she is all that. wsb talked to the parent company. they pulled out all the stops. >> what a career she has had. they gave that to her last night. >> and you, robin, in atlanta last night. here you are today. >> i didn't get much sleep. but you know what? it was so worth it. monica, we love you. she's going to be retiring at the end of this month.
8:03 am
>> congratulations. that's a big news event. we have some news to follow. good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with the thousands of you left without power after record rainfall. severe flooding, from the southeast into the deep south in texas, trapping drivers in cars. you can see here. more than 20 high-water rescues in the san antonio area. and sam, of "sea rescue" fame has the forecast. meanwhile a tragedy overseas this morning. at least nine people have been confirmed killed. a dozen others missing this hour. climbing near the ski resort of chamonix when the snow collapsed in the summer heat. in the battle against alzheimer's, one doctor calls it hugely important. researchers have discovered a gene mutation that slows down a certain substance in the brain that's been linked to the disease. the hope now, this discovery will help drug companies better develop a remedy.
8:04 am
penn state just released its internal investigation in the jerry sandusky scandal. joe paterno failed to protect against a child predator, harming children for over a decade, end quote. we saw this earlier today. the dea uncovering a very sophisticated drug-smuggling tunnel, stretching from mexico into arizona. this video obtained by abc news, shows how smugglers moved billions of dollars of drugs into the u.s. each day. it's hard to believe that highway officials in texas say a dallas woman owes some $179,000 in unpaid tolls. actually, to be exact, $179,596. the north texas tollway authority just released its list of the top toll violators. and amber young, fair to say, has number one locked up. she has blown through the toll more than 8,300 times.
8:05 am
i'm sorry to say, amber, they know who you are. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. always great to talk to you. and tonight on "world news," we're going to tell everyone about a tragedy no parent can expect when taking a child to the dentist. american children as young as 1 year old at risk. what parents really need to know. that's coming up tonight. see you then. >> diane, we'll be watching. boy, she was wearing orange. that will resonate here. finally, there was hardly a dry eye in the house at last night's espy awards. the arthur ashe courage award going to pat summitt. last august, summitt went public with her diagnosis of early onset alzheimer's. but still coached her lady vols for one more second. she made a brief and inspiring speech, vowing to soldier on in her fight against alzheimer's. by any statistical measure, one of the greatest coaches of any sports in history.
8:06 am
and i know, robin, a dear friend of yours. >> and to see her with tyler and peyton manning was there to give her the award. if you have time, go online and see the piece the espys did for her award. of. >> won't be a dry eye in the house. >> you got to see this. that's how we feel about "pop news." >> you may be crying for different reasons. good morning, everybody. miley cyrus, all over the blogs this morning. or her new tattoo is. the new ink on her forearm is a quote from a 1910 speech made by president theodore roosevelt. her tattoo reads, neither victory nor defeat. >> that's amazing. >> it's an inspiring quote. >> it most certainly is. however, sam, good point. a big departure from miley's other body art, which includes
8:07 am
the words, just breathe, love never dies, a peace symbol and a cross and a large dream catcher. >> and the other is, do you know the way to san jose. which is a quote by dionne warwick. >> you couldn't resist. >> in other "pop news." it's only rock 'n' roll and we like it. for the rolling stones, big day today. it marks the 50th anniversary of their very first gig at the marquee club in london. and mick and the gang took a stroll down memory lane yesterday. posing there for an upcoming book by the iconic group, hyperion. it's a rare photo for the group, who was last publicly photographed together back in 2008. i need props here. and i need sam. first, there was the snuggie. then, the pajama jean. and now, the hoodie pillow. according to its makers, that's
8:08 am
sam underneath that. it provides the ultimate in cocoonification. it's developed by a husband and wife team desperate for sleep in the days after bringing home tripl triplets. they say the hoodie pillow keeps your head warm. it's great for travelling. it's made of sweatshirt material. and $20, that i say well spent. well spent? >> good cash. well spent. >> there you have it. for you, george, if you want to demonstrate. no? okay. i had a feeling. if it's not enough comfort for you, perhaps you need a hug. an upstate new york woman started a new business, charging $60 an hour to snuggle. the name of the business is the snuggly. offering clients physical
8:09 am
comfort. you get close comfort but that's it. jackie samuels says, that's it. she does not need any certification for her business, the snuggery. until she has more clients, she will continue to moonlight selling real estate. that's "pop news." >> wow. >> that was something today, lara. let's go out to sam. >> i'm buying a hoody pillow, i got to tell you. i'm available to do the infomercial as well. three generations of houston teachers. or texas teachers. >> south texas. >> now, one -- >> i'm the first generation. >> two. someone's not here. where is the -- where's the third? >> i'm the -- >> do you have the picture? >> yes. >> they're actually home in bed right now. the third generation didn't actually make the sign. let's show you what's going on towards the west. we have all this humidity in here. this is where it makes the heat uncomfortable. 105 in vegas. it's not a dry heat today. here's where the heavy rain will
8:10 am
be flying anywhere in the deep south. there will be flooding in the >> jennie, did you get that hug from josh elliott? >> yes, i did. >> good job, josh. oh, lara? >> good job to everybody. here's a look at what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." a special report on extreme tanning. why one woman kicked her seven-year daily salon addiction. plus, delivery room divas. why so many moms are inviting in
8:11 am
babyrazzi. we'll explain. and summer just got a lot hotter. we have great, free stuff for the whole family. that's coming up on "gma. and a guy in a cow suit. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spot on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home.
8:12 am
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[ male announcer ] we believe small things can make a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. purina one discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. with this kind of thinking going into our food, imagine all the goodness that can come out of it. just one way we're making the world a better place... one pet at a time. vibrant maturity. from purina one smartblend.
8:15 am
in every way, shape, and form. it's my dream vehicle. on a day to day basis, i am not using gas. my round trip is approximately 40 miles to work. head on home, stop at the grocery store, whatever else that i need to do -- still don't have to use gas. i'm never at the gas station unless i want some coffee. it's the best thing ever. as a matter of fact, i'm taking my savings so that i can go to hawaii. ♪ all week long, we've been taking a look at the dangers of extreme tanning. how it can even become an addiction for some women. abc's linsey davis spoked to a reformed tanorexic, that she called herself, when she got advice to save her career and her health from her boss. >> reporter: the summer sizzle is in full swing.
8:16 am
and the desire for darker skin is hotter than ever, with tanning worshipers finding answered prayer in various forms. spray tans, tanning beds, to self-bronzer. 29-year-old janeane morris couldn't resist the glow of tanned skin. to get this complex, she went to tanning beds every day. sometimes even twice a day. for seven years. do you think you were addicted? >> absolutely. i was in that bed every, single day. i would lay there and bake. and when i got out, my skin didn't smell good. i smelled burnt. >> reporter: dermatologist doris day says over time, tanning like morris did, can be damaging. >> that damage accumulates. and eventually, we see that in the form of skin cancer, brown spots, broken blood vessels and
8:17 am
wrinkles. >> reporter: but the self-proclaimed tanorexic wanted to be as dark as she could with no limits. >> i didn't really care. >> reporter: that was until her bed-baking addiction started to get in her way of her dream job at "cosmopolitan" magazine. >> we practice safe sun. and i looked around. and i said, i have my dream job. so, i just stopped. >> reporter: you felt like you didn't stop, you would lose your job. >> "cosmopolitan" didn't give me an option. >> reporter: "cosmopolitan" magazine told us, they do not have a no-tanning policy. but are leaders in women's health issues. and the safety of staff is of utmost importance. morris stopped cold turkey, deciding to ban the tan.
8:18 am
but like any addiction, she says she suffered from withdrawal. >> i started to feel immediately fat. everything started to fade. and as things faded, i was not happy with myself. >> reporter: skin cancer is now the second-most common cancer among women in their 20s. and new studies reveal sun bed users under the age of 30 increase their chance of melanoma by 20%. a frightening statistic. morris is grateful in a the only condition she's been burned by is that her skinning is aging prematurely. as a result, she insists her days of toasting and tanning beds are over. would you consider yourself a recovering tanorexic? >> recovered tanorexic. >> reporter: recovered? it's over. >> it's over. i feel healthy. >> reporter: you can find the recovered tanorexic covered in spf and grateful that a light went on in her head when he job
8:19 am
requested she stop tanning. a request, she says, saved her life. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. now, to the hot, new trend that's introducing your baby earlier than ever. the babyrazzi, the professional photographers, in the delivery room, to capture your entire labor on camera. bianna golodryga has the story. >> reporter: from water birth. to home birth. to c-sections and epidurals. childbirth options are endless. and more often than not, private. but that's beginning to change. now, whatever your birth choice, it can all be captured by a birth photographer. call it the new front of birthing. opening doors to what was once a private, behind-closed-doors event. a surge of mom-to-be are turning to the babyrazzi, to capture the birthing process, as well as the
8:20 am
baby's fist moments outside of the womb. >> the reason i decided to hire a photographer is because pregnancy and childbirth has been life. changing for me. >> reporter: maggie is a connecticut mother of two, with baby three on the way. for the delivery of her 16-month-old oscar, she hired nicole taylor. and is planning to have taylor there again, camera in hand, taking pictures of the next birth. >> it seems like a big event. and one of the things that was important to me, is to have these pictures. >> reporter: a lot of women would say the process of delivery is not beautiful. >> i can completely agree with it. i'm squeamish of all the yuckiness that happens in birth. but i want to see my husband meeting our baby for the first time. and me meeting our baby for the
8:21 am
first time. >> reporter: and she's not alone. thousands of women across the country are hiring professionals to shoot the birth. what would you say when someone says, i would prefer to have the intimacy of my husband and myself in the room with our baby. >> i can see that. it's a personal choice. >> reporter: pictures like these can cost up to $3,500. >> it's one of the most amazing, miraculous events that you can be a part of. to be birthing or capturing that moment. >> reporter: nicole taylor said she stumbled into birth photography, after having her own birth photographed and realized there was a niche market for babyrazzis. >> it's not something you have to do or are required to. for some people, it is a private moment. that's completely understandable. >> reporter: are you always on call? you're kind of like a doctor. you can get paged at any hour. >> i put myself on call two weeks before the due date.
8:22 am
i have someone on hand to take care of my kids. >> reporter: she got the i'm in labor call from maggie in the middle of the night. and we were there close, as taylor captured it all. the first moments of pain. the moments of excitement and joy. the first breath. and for maggie, the pictures make it all worth it. >> i'm becoming a mother. my husband's becoming a father. our parents are becoming grandparents. i think all of that should be represented in the story. >> reporter: and maggie is now the mother of adorable orlando riley. 20 inches and 9 1/2 pounds. the labor was three hours. she can relive it anytime she wants. 3 hours, i'm jealous after my 33 hours. and they were tasteful pictures. >> i agree. you didn't think about that? >> i never did. i probably wouldn't again. i was squeamish about the idea before. >> can i show the latest picture?
8:23 am
>> yes, you can. >> this is little jake. can you see? oh, wait a minute. oh. just -- here we go. bring it back. it's worth it. >> cutie pie. >> yeah. >> that's it. >> those are the pictures i'll look at. >> lara? >> thank you. so cute. out here, we are talking about, well, the only thing better than babies, bargains. or freebies. this morning, we're going to show you how to get everything from a free meal to a free round of golf. abc's consumer correspondent, elisabeth leamy, eli, is here for steals or deals for a family that cannot be beat. we'll start with the young man in the cow seat. >> i'm not the only one here. matthew, our fabulous p.a. is dressed as a cow for a reason. if you dress head-to-hoof as a cow, to a chick-fil-a restaurant on friday, they will give you a free combo meal. that's the main course, fries,
8:24 am
drinks. this is, ready for the value? $8. you get it for -- >> free. >> you have to dress like a cow. >> yeah. >> if you want to hit the links? >> pga golf courses have free family golf all month. play, lessons, clinics. this month, i love this, is take your daughter to the course week. put in your zip code. find an event near you. we will hook you up. this is a big one. ready for this value? if you took advantage of everything they offer, 100 bucks. but you get it for -- >> free. >> for free. >> if you're like me and would love to be on the tennis court, how do we do it for free? >> tennis. they're vying for our children's hearts. if you want to keep them active, you can join the usta league for free. this is for kids 10 and under. they can participate in interleague play.
8:25 am
and this the a $20 value. of course, for the rest of the year, people can get for -- >> free. >> i know, coming up, we have one from starbucks. i'm going to send our helpers. >> our errand boys. >> to tell us about that. >> nice to boss them around. >> and you and i will continue on with summer reading. >> fair enough. you want to exercise your kids' brains, as well as their bodies. as barnes & nobel, you want them to get books at the library. they will give you a book in the store. you have to give them your book report. >> and value? >> up to $11. but you get it for -- >> free. >> sam and josh, entering starbucks. before we get to that -- >> dippin' dots. they are promoting a new product called clusters. the dots are around some sort of
8:26 am
chocolate crunch. they are giving these away on saturday. give it a taste. and the value of these, $4. pretty good, huh? >> really good. but -- >> but -- >> i'm assuming it's that magical word. >> it is. free. you can download a coupon. we will link people to that. >> 30 seconds left. we want to find out about starbucks. >> run, guys. >> we're here with brie. brie, thanks so much. if you can throw some straws. we'll give them to folks outside. >> this starts tomorrow, elisabeth. >> yeah. tomorrow, they're giving away their new refreshers drink. the juice to wake you up. >> they look delicious. >> check out our website, we thank you. thank you, boys. we will be right back.
8:27 am
supporters of an oakland pot club plan on holding a rally in the next hour to protest the justice department. stores served papers on the harborside health center calling it a marijuana super store. the justice department is moving to seize the club's property on the embarcadero where it has been operating since 2006. they are also target the sister location in san jose. >> traffic, you have problems let's check in with frances dinglasan. two injury accidents in the same area one southbound 101 at 237 heavy out of mountain view, north 101 slow out of sunnyvale with injury crash at matilda typical delays south bay under 20 miles an hour. new crash in san bruno southbound 280 at 380 traffic
8:28 am
slow from daly city but still light at the bay bridge toll. another hot day inland.
8:29 am
temperatures dropping a little today around san jose significant drop hayward of six degrees still hot east bay valleys mid nine toes to 100 where we -- mid 90s to 100 also where we find the
8:30 am
good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning, everyone. i hope you're ready to go country. our huge party in the park tomorrow. superstar, luke bryan, takes center stage in our summer concert series. >> yeah. >> we can't decide on our own. so, we're going to ask you the three questions. and you're going to tell us which one you want. which movie character is most like you? what won't you write a song about? >> won't you. won't you. >> what won't you write a song about? >> and what's the one food -- >> use your smartphone. go to the facebook page. it will make sense. that's tomorrow in the park.
8:31 am
oh. >> toby is so cute. he's from the new york humane society. we're going to talk about a cutting-edge treatment every owner should know. and also ahead this morning, could your breakfast cereal be burning a hole in your budget? store brands costs less than name brands. but what of the flavor? we'll put our tasters to the test. and carol alt, a delicious summer. and it's healthy. we're going to be uncooking. it makes sense. excited about our third hour in a bit. it will be good afternoon. and we submit it to you, america. >> on "gaa" we have blair underwood. actor and all-around great guy. stay with us, will you?
8:32 am
let's bring in dan harris, right now, to talk about toby. this great, new treatment. you found a way to treat older dogs. they have arthritis and things like that. >> this is a treatment that's been used on humans when they have athletic injuries for years. now, they're using it on animals. and the results are incredible. this is leo, an 11-year-old german shepherd from new jersey, who is having severe hip pain. so bad, his family called their veterinarian and said it was time to let him go. but her vet said hold on. he wanted to try out a new technology called cold laser therapy. >> it is drug-free. and the effect is almost immediate. >> reporter: and the best part, unlike with medicine, there's no side effects. in leo's case, it worked. reducing his pain and saving his life. >> basically, it sends heat.
8:33 am
it helps to fight two things, pain and inflammation. >> reporter: cold laser therapy is being used all over america and on all sorts of animals. like flipper, a litter-trained bunny. >> i just love him. >> reporter: at age 11, flipper's knees started acting up. one cold laser treatment, though, and he was hopping again. this is shadow, a 13-year-old brittany spaniel. >> he follows me around. shadow is a perfect name for him. he shadows me all the time. >> reporter: when he was in too much pain, a little cold therapy got him back in shape. >> he sleeps better, as a result of the therapy. and he's also much more mobile. >> reporter: so, how do you know if your pet is in pain? there are obvious signs like limping, crying or panting. but there's more subtle signs, too, like when an animal drops
8:34 am
its old habits, like following you around. >> they don't have to be yelling and vocalizing. people will see, if they're not crying, they're not hurting. >> reporter: it pays to be vigilant, though, because now, there's a new treatment that can improve quality of life and save lives. >> i would be devastated if shadow wasn't with me. a huge part of our family. and it's worth it. i would do anything for him. and it's well worth it. >> the big question, how much does it cost? it varies. but it usually starts around 75 bucks. and for a dog like this, it's totally worth it. >> we should tell you, toby is a 12-year-old terrier mix. he gets laser treatments for his hips and knees. harper, i'm sorry. we already have two. i know you love toby. but we have two. and we need some weather. >> someone should make that -- invest in that little puppy's life. let's get to the boards. we have one or two things going
8:35 am
on this morning that we want you to know about as you step outside. the twitter and facebook pictures are lighting us up today. we got them from everywhere. santa fe, by the way. darcy, where are you? she's taking time off in the monsoon season. chicago, new york city, nashville, houston. it's not just the heat but the humidity that works back in. a nice break of temperatures in the 80s. we're going back to the uncomfortable stuff. there's a look at the temperatures across the nation today, on that beautiful fly-by map. why should you leave your chair this morning? "good morning america" will bring the map to you.
8:36 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by the chevy volt. robin, i didn't even notice last week. this week -- >> i know. >> i know. >> it happened five minutes ago. we're going to move on to the teenage crusade. you'll have a teenager one day. >> eventually. >> a teenage crusade against photoshopping in magazines. their target, pictures of beautiful, thin girls, photoshopped to look even thinner and more beautiful. diana perez, we've been looking into this. we saw that group, the same one, that made that change before. >> reporter: this is part of the same group. this is female crusaders. they call themselves sisters. they're trying to get their message across. and the message is clear. use images that are more
8:37 am
relatable to teen girls. and they held a mock runway show at "teen vogue" headquarters. they wanted to say this is what girls really look like. between the slimmed-down faceline and the flawless skin, it can be difficult to tell the difference. >> i remember leafing through the magazine, thinking, i wish i had her waist. i wish i had her hair. >> reporter: so, 17-year-old emma, along with her friend, 16-year-old, karina, decided to bring their message all the way to "teen vogue" headquarters, following in the footsteps of julia bluhm, who convinced "seventeen" to stop photoshopping its models. >> they need to have a more diverse array of models. >> reporter: they started an online petition, which asked "teen vogue" to follow
8:38 am
"seventeen's" example. but unlike the positive meeting, they felt bullied when they came face-to-face, with "teen vogue's" editor in chief. >> just telling us, we have done our homework. and "teen vogue" is such a great magazine, who is being unfairly accused. >> reporter: but in a statement to abc news, "teen vogue" says they were receptive to meet with emma and carina to express their concerns. they say, we feature dozens of nonmodels every year. "teen vogue" says it uses healthy models for their magazine. we asked directly if they photoshop the models. they did not respond directly. and they're not accusing the magazine of photoshopping. they're asking for a pledge
8:39 am
saying they won't photoshop. and they will use the healthy models. >> they have a path and they continued to. and they're just asking. >> that's all they want. they want the magazine to say we'll do it in the future. coming up, can your kids really tell the difference between name brand and store brand breakfast cereal? [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. at nature valley, nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy.
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it is 8:42. as you sit down to eat breakfast this morning, there is a chance you're pouring a bowl of cereal. but what you might not know is you could be saving some serious cash on your captain crunch or cereal of choice. we sent our "gma" tech contributor, becky worley, to compare the name-brand cereal to the store brand. good morning, becky. what are those called? >> you may think they're froot loops. but oh, no. they're tootie fruities.
8:43 am
do you think your family would switch for the savings? there's only one way to find out. get some cereal and get the kids involved. morning after morning. bowl after bowl. the average american eats 160 bowls a year. when you're thinking about saving, your eye can't help but stray to that offbrand cereal. i visited a bunch of different grocery chains and found boxes of offbrand cereals 20% to 30% off of name brands. but the big savings come from the big bags. they're about half the price of name-brand boxes. which is great. but a lot of people have an emotional relationship with their cereal. have you tried the off brand? >> they're cheaper. >> the big bags, they're a turnoff. they remind me that you're
8:44 am
buying dog food. >> reporter: hmm. mixed opinions. i need to taste for myself. first, the honey-nut cheerio knockoff. traditionally, scooters have 10% more sugar, which was odd, because they weren't as sweet as my cheerios. a stronger grain taste. malt finish. next, raisin brand. there's flavorite raisin brand and kellogg's. nutritionally, they're similar. but when it comes to taste, a dead ringer. but there was a big taste difference with this. silly circles. it has 40% more sugar. but the sweetness made it taste worse to me. from my froot loop connoisseur, yes. actually. i'm also a grown-up, being to sacrifice for savings. but what about those really
8:45 am
important cereal constituencies. our expert panel of tasters will really decide if these cereals past. which cereal tastes better to you. go. the blue bowl is the brand-name cereal. the green bowl is the knockoff. >> this one is sweeter. >> this is mushy. >> reporter: survey says, froot loops three. silly circles, one. next, honey-nut oats. >> this one had too much honey. the result is, honey-nut cheerio's, two. the store brand, also two. these are pretty even. but what about when it comes to packaging. what would you guys say if your moms came out and plopped this down for your morning breakfast? >> i would think home depot. >> reporter: with savings of 50%
8:46 am
or more, it might be worth at least trying the budget brand and letting your family decide for themselves. i love the little girl who said, it looks like it's from home depot. maybe the trick, moms, if you're going to do the switch, is hide the cereal in a tupperware for the first couple weeks. then, glue them into the savings once they accept the fruit whirls. >> becky, we thank you for that. coming up here on "good morning america," supermodel carol alt and her sizzling summer recipes.
8:47 am
8:48 am
supermodel and raw food advocate, that's raw food you're looking at, carol alt.
8:49 am
she's going to be in the woody allen film, "to rome with love." and she joins us now, with some of the most popular recipes that will keep us well-fed but also fit and healthy. >> they're easy, josh and inexpensive. it is about doing vegetables, olive oil and salt. you can get it at any grocery store. >> we go back to "harper's bazaar," in 1980. you must attribute -- you look unbelievable. >> thanks, guys. thanks. couldn't get a better endorsement than that. thank you, josh. you have to keep an edge. it's a young girl's business. i want to be good-looking and stay thin. the most important thing for me is raw food is about eating healthy. >> also, you're a cancer survivor. and you attribute a lot of your recovery. >> everything. >> to the diet. >> absolutely everything. >> what are we doing here?
8:50 am
>> i heard about your antics in the kitchen. i'm going to take my life in my hand. corn and tomato soup. >> right into the blender. >> there's a blender involved? have the medical professionals right there. >> they're close by. we're going to do corn. tomatoes. a little bit of water. >> garlic clove? >> you can do garlic if you like. and some oil. and salt. and then, just blend. get ready. i've heard. i've heard. and that's it. now, you have a wonderful soup. this is what it looks like when it's done. how could it be easier than that? >> it looks delicious. i'm going to get in there. >> this is why you have antics in the kitchen because you eat more than you cook.
8:51 am
>> that's terrific. >> yeah. >> let's make something else. >> this is a cantaloupe and pomegranate soup. you put it in the blender. there goes my shoes and my dress. he missed himself. but he got me. the cucumbers, pomegranate. >> carol, he has covered an entire audience in food before. >> i shouldn't feel so bad, right? >> you should feel okay. >> we're going to let that go one day, right? >> these are on the website for "gma." so, no problem. hit blend again. you have the magic touch, josh. >> that's really raw. >> that is as raw as you can get. are you blushing? >> moving right along. >> we have one done. this is what it would look like when it's done.
8:52 am
you can garnish it up. he's eating before i garnish. >> that is so good. >> isn't that amazing? >> there's a lot of depth of flavor. >> we're going to get it to the audience. >> we have lots of stuff. >> well, we have the thai mango salad. i don't know if we have time. mangos, peppers, lettuce, carrots. >> you can freelance. you can grab things. >> it's about having fun. go into the kitchen and try things. it's not like you're going to like everything. but try things and enjoy it. this is how food is supposed to taste. >> awesome. carol alt, everybody. "easy, sexy, raw" in stores now. the recipes on on yahoo! we'll be right back. go nowhere. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt.
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get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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want to thank carol alt. she has an hbo documentary premiering the 21st. that's next week on hbo. tomorrow in central park, luke bryan. you don't want to miss it. i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. another spare the air day in the bay area. how long is the inland heat going to continue? mike? >> great question going to start tapering today barely one degree cooler in san jose to six degrees cooler in hayward mid 90s to near 100 east bay valleys poor air quality bay shore mid 70s to low 80s. temperatures drop 10 to 15° inplanned by the weekend. there are five accidents along this northbound 101 stretch from san jose up to mountain view traffic crawling, 280 a little better. bay bridge toll nice


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